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[latest news August 2017
Hello once more, I'm like everyone at the moment trying to get ready for Christmas. I'd like to wish you all a really happy Christmas and a very good New Year.
Anyway, physically I'm feeling fine and am keeping up the Physio and having the occasional lunch out.
The phone still rings for interviews and the odd personal appearance which is good and it encourages me to keep my speech up to scratch.
I would like to thank everyone for their emails which include many kind comments and requests for books and photos. I manage to reply to most of them. It still amazes me that it's over 30 years since Bullseye started and it is still remembered with such affection.
Anyway, keep watching on Challenge and feel free to email me, it's always good to hear from you. (At 80 I need reminding about these things!)
Hope the rest of the year is good to you.
Best wishes,