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This is me with three of my friends
(On a good day!)

Well, it's only taken 20 years but here we are in the 21st century. Jim Bowen's Official Website. I don't believe it! I felt that as a response to all the unofficial Jim Bowen websites it was time to redress the situation with an official version sanctioned and monitored by myself. Some of the unofficial sites are to say the least a little unsavoury. I will try to make this site fun, interesting and hopefully always informative. I Hope you enjoy it, feel free to browse, treat it like a car boot sale. There could be all sorts in there you want to know or even to buy! You can find out where I'm working so you know the towns to avoid, or if you really want to lose out completely, here is where you will find my DVD and my autobiography. (With both items you get a signed photograph but with the book you get crayons as well. Only joking about the crayons folks!)

Seriously though, if you'd like to join in the fun please contact me with your comments, ideas or even just a friendly word. To do this go to the 'Contact Jim' section of the website.

Most important of all please tell your friends as you are reading the website of a declining comedian who is frantically searching for a reason to get up in the morning.

If you enjoy this website, my name is Jim Bowen and I presented 'Bullseye' for 15 years, if you weren't too happy with it, this is Tom O'Connor from 'Name that Tune', 'Crosswits' and 'Help the Aged'. (Sorry Tom!)

Have a good day!

Jim's autograph


Just to let you know that I'm not on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. If you go to 'Jim's Chat' you can keep completely up to date. Hope that's OK.

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